Why my server is shutted down?

May 19, 2021

This article is not applicable for ShoutCast PRO and ShoutCast AutoDJ plans. If your server has been stopped even with active paid plan – contact with our support team.

ShoutCast Starter plans are very popular because they are free of monthly charges. There are hundreds new streaming servers created every day. To make it possible and to ensure continuity of our service we needed to introduce some limitations in ShoutCast Starter plans. There are several possibilities described below why your servers could be disabled, all of them have been described in this article.

Inactive server

ShoutCast server remains up and running when you stream your signal (or it’s streamed from AutoDJ software). If you will stop streaming your server will remain active for next 2 hours. If you will not start sending audio signal again within this time – server will be stopped. But don’t worry, you can login to panel and turn it on again at any time.

Unused servers are removed automatically after 7 days of inactivity. As an activity we mind at least 5 minutes of streaming.

Exceeded transfer limit

When you are streaming your audio signal is forwarded to listeners. Every connection generates load and network traffic which is calculated. In ShoutCast Starter packages there is 64 gigabytes of available data transfer limit. If you will increase this limit – server will be stopped to the 1st day of next month.